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*New customers only.

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Esports growing popularity

The Esports industry, over a couple of years, has started showing a great improvement, and looking at the rate at which it is growing, there is no doubt that it will keep surprising players with amazing gameplay. There are professional sports tournaments which these days are filling up stadiums across the world. Millions of people now, thanks to technological advancement, can watch such tournaments from home and even battle out for the game they like. Esports is a growing industry, and we all know that. With reliable platforms like, you will definitely have a great experience of enjoying the tournaments.

It’s all about competitive gaming:


Looking at the popularity that Esports has gained over some time now, there is so much investment that is currently being made. There are sponsorship budgets that have increased, too, while the professional creators are now pushing forward the agenda of Esports to earn better revenue. The industry has climbed up the success ladder with good strength of the population enjoying it. There are so many popular sporting giants like Formula 1, FIFA, and the NFL that are also getting involved in it.

It entirely depends on the interest that a player has in such competitive gaming. It is not just some phase that will pass away. It is going to stay in the market, and considering the demand, it is quite evident that in the next 10 years, there will top selling multiplayer video game franchises that shall have an element lending itself to the concepts like Esports.

The income that is earned from this industry has been quite generous for the people, and undoubtedly it is growing at a faster pace. There is no sign that shows the trend will fall off soon. Besides, there have been some great games like Prize pool tracker and Dota2 that many players are interest.

Esports A growing Gaming Concept:

It has already been the past half-decade that the industry has already undergone quite a renaissance. The skyrocketing viewership for Esports now has more than 73 million people from all across the world. So many players are also now flocking up to the games like league of legends which is one of the popular Esports of today’s time. It literally has been boasting more than 10 million players monthly.

The reason behind its popularity:

Suffice it to say, as a newbie, you may have tons of questions running n your mind on how exactly such gaming has gained its momentum and turned out to be so popular. At a platform like, you can certainly start your journey for Esports. But before that, you should always have a better knowledge of the platform. You may have a good interest in technology, video games, or casino games. But the reason why Esports has made its place in the gaming world is because of the perfect blend of using Internet broadcasting and new technological advancements. Further, there are also other reasons that have contributed to its popularity:

High-intensity competition:

There are so many players whose ultimate gaming choice is the one consisting of high-intensity competitions. There is nothing so interesting than watching the two elite gamers competing with each other. Besides, the drama and intensity that it creates can be witnessed by everyone. Esports offers that medium to the players, which is why it is fully appreciated.

A creative approach:

If you are probably exploring more about such games, then surely you have got the knacks to crack the codes and understand the in and out of the tournaments. Considering the interest of the players as you share, Esports has managed to grow economically in the industry today. It follows a creative approach that has led to a unique business that players enjoy to date.

A brief history on Esports:

Even if we are talking about Esports now, did you know that this is not a new concept? Rather, the first event of it was held in 1972 when the students from Stamford University entered into a competition with the other team in the Spacewar game. Well, the price for winning may have been a rolling stone magazine subscription back then, but certainly, it was encouraging and interesting too.

It was the people from the 80s that actually witnessed the first video game tournament. At that time, the number of attendees must have been not more than 10000, but certainly, technology was advancing, and there was no internet back then to connect different corners of the world. But this number was also quite high back then, which actually participated in witnessing the Space Invaders Championship. Players found this overall concept quite enacting, where the focus was to beat each other’s high score.

As time passed by, so did the popularity grows, and then it was in the 90s that got it recognition all over the world. Companies like Sega and Nintendo still hold professional gaming tournaments, which ideally started in the 90s’. It was through such tournaments that players realized that money was also a factor in such professional gaming.

.In the year 1997, there was a tournament called the Red Annihilation Quake that was considered the world’s first ‘real’ Esports event. It had more than 200 participants involved. A few weeks later, there was a Cyberathlete Professional League that was started as a key pioneer.

But now the time has changed and so has the world progressed too. If we have a look at today’s time, well gaming normalization is possible because of technological advances and internet options. That is why the real surge of Esports is more evident in event tomes. Gamers from all across the world started to witness modern-day Esports, and certainly, it is quite commendable as well. There had been different streaming platforms that started with popular tournaments in which people actively showed interest too. Needless to say that video-streaming technology in today’s time has made it more accessible.

Exploring Esports most popular games


Such gaming has different genres like first-person shooter (FPS), real-time Strategy (RTS), fighting games, and multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBA). Given below is an in-depth detail on the games that are worth your time.


RTS is the short form used for the real-time strategy. In this game, a player can progress simultaneously with the other player in real-time, which shall take turns as well. This genre focuses more on the game where the player must construct buildings and create armies to dominate the field of the game. A game like the age of empires is one such fine example that is very popular amongst players. One of the reasons that make the RTS genre is so popular is because of the organizational challenges and the battlefield strategy that makes the gameplay interesting and fast-paced.

  • Age of empires: This classic game when we talk about historical RTS, and certainly, it is still popular. In recent times, its updated version is all filled up with amazing graphics and good gameplay as well. The user design is all revamped, while there are some other fixes done to ensure the overall gaming experience is fun.  In the year 2019, its definitive edition by the name of Age of Empires 2: The Age of Kings, also gained great gaming options to enjoy.


MOBA is the short form for Massive Online Battle Arena, where the five players have to fight against the other team. These games earlier were only PC based, but now they have good mobile compatibility as well. In this genre, The ultimate goal of the players is to destroy the base of the enemy while working together. They must also acquire territory and items with the unique character the players choose for themselves. It is one of the wider genres of strategy games where the players have to compete on a predefined battlefield.

  • League of Legends: This is a popular game where two opposing teams participate. The object of this Esports game is to destroy the main base of the opponent, which is called nexus at the same time, they need to make sure their own is rightly defended. In order to win, the players need to fight throughout the way while using the map to understand where the enemy players are or the computer-controlled minions that may come their way. Further, they can buy items such as the gold which they earn while killing the enemy players or building. This game can last up to 40 minutes, and since it offers mobile compatibility, players can enjoy it anywhere and anytime.

FPS- First-person shooter

It is a shooter video games subgenre that is popularly known as a First-person shooter. The focus here is to win the game from the first-person perspective using weapon-based combat, where the players would experience the action from the protagonist’s perspective. They shall also have control over the character they choose in three-dimensional space. This genre has its own share of traits and has impeccable graphics like advanced 3D and pseudo-3D graphics that certainly has made this genre one of the first choice of many players.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

This game is the finest example of FPS, where two teams are involved in the game mode “Detonation,” There will be different roles of Counter-Terrorists and Terrorists in which they need to compete on a certain map. These maps shall promote the play style and are often played as a best-of-30. Every round will finish only when either team’s players are killed within a stipulated timeframe before the Terrorists are succeeded in bomb detonation.

Every weapon that a player gets will have its own set of features and accuracy. The game is quite demanding individually, and players can have a great scope to win money for every round they win or kill the opponents. For every map to be finished take approximately 40 minutes.

Fighting Games


Nearly everyone must have played games from this genre. Some of the popular examples of this genre are the Marvel vs. Capcom games, Tekken, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, and Soulcalibur, which are quite popular amongst mainstream gamers. There are some head-to-head Esports tournaments conducted in such games. Typically here, the player will be given access to control a specific character in the one-on-one battle. There will be some kind of material art that needs to be used as a combating method, and the fight should be won within the stipulated timeframe using the possessed skills that a player gets through the character chosen.

Competitive Esports Gaming Titles

There is also an Esports section for competitive gaming titles that you can find online. Some of them are the Street Fighter series and Super Smash Bros. series, which are quite interesting to be a part of

The tournaments:

There is also a tournament section which is like the lifeblood of this industry. You will find so many platforms coming up with interesting tournaments and matches that a player can enjoy being a part of. You can enjoy basketball games and see your favorite NBA stars playing in the competitive play tournament. If you want to enjoy the real action of such professional tournaments, then they are often scheduled well in advance that will be released by the game developers themselves.

There are also some other interesting tournaments like golf or tennis which are part of it too. In the field of Esports, LCS is the closest parallel to such traditional sports leagues. It is basically an annual competition where teams play weekly to make it to the final round.

How to Bet On Esports

Many players prefer betting on Esports since it’s one of their favorite pastimes. There are so many matches that are played regularly with bookmarkers that offer odds for every aspect of the competition. Buba is here to offer you better guidance on the Esports ecosystem maze, which can help you choose the right experts to bet with for the first time. We offer all kinds of details that you need to stay on track with Esports betting. Buba has the best of the team, with advanced technology being used to take you through the whole Esports betting process.

What Are Esports Betting Anyway?

Esports betting is all about the competitive video games that are played between either the team or the individuals. Esports are available in different genres and have the immense popularity for quite some time now. There are different Esports tournaments that consist of superstar Esports players and teams that compete in front of millions of fans watching them on live streaming. Just the way any traditional sport is played, the sport of competitive gaming in Esports has also led to the world with different sports betting.

Esports features to enjoy at Buba:

There are numerous Esports titles that you can find on Buba. Some of the top titles are Rainbow, CSGO, Dota 2, and LoL, to name some. If you are keen on betting on any of these, you should have no problem looking at it on Buba. We can also help beginners be a part of it. This is a great platform for them to begin with betting on their favorite titles and also gain a good knowledge of Esports.

We also offer live bets, which are one popular kind of gambling now. With live betting, the glory of live esports bets exists. Bettors love to be a part of chase thrill while erasing a better knowledge of the gameplay.

There are some specific games and general specials that you need to know about Esports. This way, you know your potential to be a part of such a game.

The three most common types of Esports betting are:

·, To begin with, comes betting is made on fixed odds for which online betting platforms like Buba can help you.

· Social betting is another type that is played between the individuals

· Skin gambling is the most popular one, which usually occurs in-game.

There is also some Esports betting which is special to certain games such as DOTA2 or CSGO. This means a person can place a bet on who would make the first killing in a certain match.

Also, there are some other bits that you might be interested in, such as betting on who wins the match or the tournament, what is going to be the final score, betting on odd or even numbers, and so on.

Important guidelines on Esports

You need to understand the format and structure of the Esports content on which you wish to bet on. This way, you can make a good betting decision. Let us guide you through this since there are hundreds of leagues and tournaments which are conducted across the world. We can help you start with a better one.

You must also gain knowledge about the teams and players who are part of the Esports contests. Whether you want to bet on football or tennis, you must know each participant who is a part of it.

Knowing how to bet on Esports is one of the important things so you can enjoy and gain knowledge as well. You need to know if there is a chance to beat the bookmarker or if you need more patience to play the tournament and so on.


Whether it is the tournaments or the video games section of Esports, players can have a great time being a part of it. The games played in such tournaments are worth the millions, such as boxing, football, and basketball, to name a few. There are also multiplayer video game competitions that can be played individually or as teams. The call is entirely yours on what kind of game you would rather be a part of, but certainly, irrespective of the choice you make, you will have a great time.