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T&Cs Apply

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New customers only

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*New customers only.

T&Cs Apply

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T&Cs Apply

New customers only

T&Cs Apply

Minimum deposit: €25 , Maximum cashout: Unlimited Wagering requirements: 40x (bonus + deposit) (restrictions apply) Sticky bonus Maximum bet: €15 The process of getting this bonus should be relatively FAST Progressive Pokies, Caribbean Draw, Caribbean Hold'em, Caribbean Stud, Craps, Let Em Ride, Pai Gow Poker, Roulette Multiplayer, Sic Bo, cannot be played while betting with bonus • New players only • Full Terms apply • Valid on Non-Progressive slot only


With so many new gaming sections coming up for the players, the iGaming industry has grown a lot. Talking of which virtual sports are one such interesting platform that is considered to be the midsection of casinos and sports that is filled with all excitement and entertainment that sports plays would be left with along the interesting betting options. Virtual sports as opened up the profitable partnership between players and online gaming operators. There are some components as well that contribute to the success of the game, such as the stunning designed graphics, range of sports choices, and quick gratification that is obtained by cutting down the waiting time related to real-life sports.

Operators can now depend on virtual sports as they are planning to be a good revenue stream while they have evolved to a great extent from being just a complementary option to a prominent choice.

Know more about virtual sports:

The virtual sports concept may sound a little confusing, but it certainly gives clarity that it is all about the sporting video games which has been enjoyed by players for years. However, such game has some of the common things with online slot games more than the sports video games like FIFA or Madden.

To be a piece, the games, which are simulated sports games such as slots, work on the RNG system. It can be based on a real sports team and also the sporting event or also may take place with some imaginary players in the functional game which is based on some real sport. When players decide to be a part of such a game, they need to understand that it is quite similar to highly popular fantasy gaming choices such as horse derby racing which also was once used in casinos.

The aim of Virtual sports:

The primary aim of such sports is to recreate the gaming experience for the players of an actual sports event, even if the platform is going to be virtual. For this, the operators work hard on using state-of-the-art graphics and show the players, arenas, and other gaming aspects with some fine dteal9ing that gives a real-time experience. The sounds are also added in such a way that the player will get more of a real touch, such as the fan cheering and also the commentator talking with some other iconic sounds. Suppose it’s the game of horse racing that you are planning to play. You will get a realistic experience as the engines review sound stars, and then the horse’s son begins as if they are waiting for the gates to simply open.

Understand the virtual sports betting

Just as betting on real sports works, the same is the case with different virtual sports too. They all shall have their own set of betting odds. Suppose you are a part of virtual soccer in which one team is likely to have the odds of -286 to win while the other team is like to have the odds of 185. There can be a tie between the two teams, which could be 120. But if it’s virtual horse racing, then every horse will have different winning odds, like 800, 1400, and so on.

There are also some options like virtual darts that have a huge betting variety with different odds that a player can enjoy, such as color makers, match winners, and even the first three dart bettors, to name some. If it’s a match winner, it means the payer would win the match. If it is the color marker, it means the color the winning dart would land on. If it is the first three darts, it means the total score of the first three darts must be guessed right.

You need to understand that, unlike real sports, the odds of virtual sports are not influenced by the specific team performance, animal, or even the athlete. That is simply because such games are entirely based on the NG software, which is also used in slot machine games. This means the star player in a specific game may become a flop one in another. Even if it is likely to happen in real sports, too but this is more common in such sports.

If you are keen to have a more incredible gambling experience instead of researching how teams, players, and animals are performing, then surely fun gambling can offer an incredible time of playing. It is quite an easy way, even for a newbie, to learn and enjoy sports betting thrill.

Different types of virtual sports to enjoy and bet on?

There are many types of virtual sports available for enjoyment. Some of them are:

  • Virtual basketball
  • Virtual cricket
  • Virtual darts
  • Virtual cars
  • Virtual cycling
  • Virtual greyhounds
  • Virtual horses
  • Virtual Tennis
  • Virtual motorcycles
  • Virtual Soccer

Such games are presented as a single event or game and often can take place in the language format. Some of these virtual sports can also be popular compared to others. So you need to discover the one which can give you a great time being a part of it.

Betting on Virtual Sports

As said earlier, there are different types of virtual sports on which you can bet. Some of them that are highly played is horseracing and football. Every game comes with different variations. If it’s the virtual horse racing game, then you would find five different ones, while the same is the case for the virtual football game on different platforms. On some platforms, these games even have different leagues for more fun and excitement. All these options can be played on a mobile game and are designed to be compatible with Android and iOS devices. The odds would work the same way for the virtual games as it usually works for regular sports betting. However, the only difference being is that the virtual game would take place once the betting is placed, and players don’t have even a wait for the next match to be scheduled.

Before we go ahead and explore more about different virtual sports gaming, you need to make an account. This is needed so you can participate and bet on different virtual games. Creating an account hardly takes a few minutes while the account is linked to the mobile number. You need to also verify your identity by providing the support documents. You will be able to bet on the virtual games only after your account is created. support responsible gaming and give the best platform for online gaming entertainment.

There are virtual sports that are offered by the operators for the players that focus on specific events such as horse racing, football, tennis, and cycling, to name some. Explained are a few for better understanding.

Virtual football

This is one popular sports betting game where the whole betting would revolve around virtual football. It offers the better with the wide odd selection. There are matches that consist of games between the different club teams and nations. Besides, the players can also get a chance to select the winning team or guess the number of goals that can be scored. To better experience the reality of placing the bet and also to enjoy the excitement during the span, players can watch the visual presentation of the game but only for a few minutes.

Virtual horse racing

Another interesting virtual sport you can consider playing is horse racing. It has turned out to be a popular iGaming website choice where the players can participate in virtual tournaments and also win some exciting pricing. The environment of virtual racing is designed to grab the player’s attention, for which there are amazing graphics and animations being used with some unique features of entertainment that offer the players a great gaming experience. This gaming concept is quite easy to understand. Players have to choose the horse and then compete against one another to understand who the final winner of the race will be.

Virtual greyhound races

In this type of gaming option, the player gets additional choices to place bets. It is quite fun to explore the virtual environment which is offered here. The content here is computer generated, which has been recreated and can go beyond the boundaries of self-imposition of reality. The virtual reality of this game is built on the tradition of betting that was followed for the greyhound races. This restored the racing atmosphere of the old times and has bought many players of the same interest together.

How are virtual sports conducted?

Virtual sports are the matches and competitors’ simulation with that of the fictional or real participants and teams.

These days due to the increased competition, there are graphic models created for some real experience as per the existing stadium. They also have the extra sound effect and commercials to keep the players completely involved in the virtual reality. The design is made in such a way that players would actually get a feeling that they are watching the real sport itself.

On a platform like there are dozens of varieties of virtual sports available. They are based on real sports. The players can see the match schedule and also the game’s outcome too. With the consistent drive to offer new innovative products, the focus of such a platform is to give players a better space to bet.

Virtual matches are conducted in a much more realistic way because of the high-quality computer graphics. Being dynamic, it offers all the action-packed events while bettors don’t even have to wait for the sports tournament live broadcast to begin to place the bet. Virtual events are available all the time, irrespective of the week or day or even the season.

How are virtual sports created?

Virtual sports are the computer simulation of real sporting event which is played by the same rules and principles. This is a scheduled game set with certain odds that work on the random number generator to know the winner.

Benefits of virtual sports

Short term

One of the primary rules of the virtual sports competition is that it would last for a maximum of 3 minutes. Because of its short-span gaming, you can easily find out the match outcome within just a few minutes after it starts.

No matches “as per agreement.”

In most sports, there is a things like “agreements” in which the team decides on advice on who will be the future winner, which turns out to b unfair to the fans. But in virtual fans, this is not included at all.

No outside factors can affect the gaming quality.

The conduct and outcome of the virtual tournaments don’t get affected because of external factors like injury, bad weather, or illness of the player and any such unforeseen circumstances. Often during a traditional sports tournament, such occurrences can affect the quality of the game negatively.

Maximum availability

Irrespective of the day and time of the week, a range of virtual sports events is available for players.

Once you are all set to place a bet, you can simply check out the virtual sports section at the site. You can also participate in virtual sports tournaments and leagues and bet. There are also many exciting titles in the new casino games section as well that you can try out, such as live dealers, tables, and slots.

Virtual sports offers incredible fun and is one of the best gaming platforms where players can bet and even enjoy the game virtually in the same way they would have enjoyed a real sports event. All you need to do is set up an account, choose the tournament or the match you want to bet on, and place the bet. Within a few minutes, you will know the results, and then you can switch on to other virtual sports. Try out with your friends today and experience for yourself the reasons behind its popularity.

What Is Virtual Sporting Activities Betting?

Sports betting has always been fun, and for all-time casino players, it is the most entertaining aspect of gambling. Be it web-based or traditional casinos, there is no denying that sports betting has always been a mainstay of it. That is why; it should not come as a surprise to know that the virtual sports industry has been the talk of the town these days. Thanks to web technology advancements, there has been quite an improvement in online gambling. Virtual sports are all about the quality visual gaming experience it gives to the player and thus makes it more entertaining. At Buba, you can have the best shot at enjoying some incredible virtual sports betting games.

What Is Virtual Sports Betting?

Virtual sports betting is quite similar to the betting that players do on standard sports. But you are likely to bet on real sporting events based on their stimulations. There can be any kind of sport of your choice, be it horse racing or football. As long you know how it works, you will always have excitement waiting at the door.  

Traditional Sports Betting and Virtual Sports Betting: Know the Difference

Many players often get confused between the two, maybe because of the odds involved on which aspect of the game plays you are betting on. At Buba, we understand that there is all kind of players, from the first time till the intermediate and expert ones would come to enjoy the virtual game. That is why; we offer the best possible guidance wherever needed. You need to also make a note that all such types of betting would allow you to use different strategies to improve your gameplay.

But there are some key differences that you need to be aware of. Virtual bettering works on computer software and not the action that takes place in real-life events. It gives a player a far better experience than regular betting since the action happens in less than a few minutes when it comes to virtual bettering results to be out.

If traditional sports are to be considered, well, it happens as per the events that occur amongst the real people and teams that are part of the sports. There are chances that predictions in such games can be made as per the team’s performance analysis.

But overall, both these types of gaming are part of fun gambling, where you should not miss out on trying luck.

Well-Liked Kind Virtual Bet Games

At Buba, you can discover several options for virtual sports on which betting can be made. We are adding more to the list but here are a few handfuls of them that you might want to try initially.

  • Virtual basketball
  • Virtual horse racing
  • Virtual speedway
  • Virtual greyhounds
  • Virtual football
  • Virtual motor racing
  • Virtual cycling
  • Virtual Tennis

Of all, racing sports are the most liked and fun virtual sports that players play. It is probably because there are limited competitors in such an event which makes it easy to see different variables all at once. Despite this game, you might want to also explore some other types of bets for games for winning margin, total points, and even race winner to name some.

Know The Secret Behind Why Virtual Betting Popularity:

There is no secret formula that grabbed the audience’s attention on virtual bettering. Rather it is the experience that players get from the virtual sports which are as close to the real-life event happening. Players can enjoy the live feed which showcases the sports action as if it’s happening right in front of them. This also includes the crowd noise, commentary, and some action replays that give a more realistic sense.

Have non-stop fun with virtual sports at Buba

The video gaming industry in today’s time has grown to a great extent which has made it more palatable for the tech-savvy audience. We understand your zest to explore and play virtual sports betting which is why Buba brings you a wide selection of lucrative games for you.  Power-packed with the experience of fun and entertainment, go ahead and discover some interesting Virtual games with us. It’s time for you to have non-stop fun with virtual sports at Buba.