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Glossary Buba.Games | Online Casino Reviews - Buba.Games


  • Advantage Player:

This is the player that gets benefits over the casino. In traditional times, it was used for the card counters in Blackjack. But now it is also applicable to online players who use bonuses for gaining some benefits.

  • Ante:

This is one type of bet which is needed in certain games of the casino before the round begins.

  • ACS:

It is the short form used for Automatic Card Shuffler

  • Automatic Card Shuffler:

This is one machine which is useful in certain land-based venues to shuffle automatically for more than one card deck.


  • Banker:

It is the other word that is used for house or the dealer

  • Bankroll:

The money value that a player has and that he can use for playing

  • Bet:

This is the money or an amount which a person can put at risk for the chance that he takes in the game.

  • Betting Layout:

The gaming table area in which the player can place the chips for making the selected bets

  • Betting Limits:

The maximum and minimum stakes can be put at the table.

  • Bonus:

This is the total money that a player gets from an online casino once the player meets certain criteria.

The additional funding that an online casino account can add to the account of the player is an additional incentive to sign and deposit. It also sometimes is used as the reward for wagering certain games amount.

  • Burn Card:

This is usually taken from the deck’s top side. It is later discarded once the shuffling is done. Sometimes before the new round begins the discarding of this card is done.


  • Cash-Out:

The withdrawn money process is followed in the online casino.

  • Cashier:

In an online casino, it is a platform where a person can withdraw or deposit the funds from the account.

  • Casino benefits:

The mathematical benefits which a casino has over the other players are casino benefits. It is also called the house edge.

  • Casino Rewards:

There are different online casinos which would offer rewards of certain types may be in form of cash to the players depending on how much they are ready to play further.

  • Chips:

The tokens in exchange for cash which are given to the player during their participation in the game are chips. They can be used in different denominations.

  • Chip Tray:

This is used by the coupier or the dealer for holding the house chips.

  • Cold Streak:

This is one losing run that gets extended

  • Colour Up:

The process is to exchange the small denomination chips with the large ones.

  • Comp Points:

In some casinos, the player gets comp points which can be encaged against the chips. In some land-based casinos, such points can also be exchanged for a drink, food or some stay discount.

  • Croupier:

This is a French word used for the casino dealer.

  • Cut Card:

The plastic card that is used for cutting the deck in a certain game of cards

  • Card Counting:

To maintain the record of the cards which are dealt in the blackjack for better clarity of which cards can be dealt next

  • Card Shark:

This is an expert player of the card game

  • Card Sharp:

This is an alternative word used for the word card shark

  • Card Washing:

The shuffling technique of the card is in which the dealer needs to spread the cards on the table and mix them all over.

  • Cash Bonus:

This is one type of online casino bonus which can be withdrawn once the wagering needs are fulfilled.

  • Cash Out:

To get the funds from the online account which are sent again through the payment option that you choose

  • Cashier’s Desk:

The casino area in which the player can exchange the chips against the cash

  • Chasing:

To recover the losses if there had been previously for which the stakes are increased is chasing.

  • Chip Tray:

It is found at the gambling table right in front of the dealer. It is the place where the chip inventory is located


  • Degenerate Gambler:

The person who often gambles and too excessively

  • Dealer:

The person of casino who will hand card dealing.

  • Deposit Method:

This is one way that can be used for depositing the funds to the online account of the casino. This includes debit cards, credit card and e-wallets.

  • Dice Control:

This is one way to throw the dice that allows a player to increase the throwing likelihood or not throw a specific number.

  • Dirty Money:

The bets that are lost are gathered by the dealer which is such money. It is collected at the end of the game.

  • Discard Tray:

This is found at the dealer right at the gaming table. It is the place where the cards are played or discarded ones are put.

  • Down Card:

The unexposed card which is dealt that is at the facing of the table is also called the face-down card.

  • Download Casino:

This is one online casino type where the software needs to download for playing the games.



This is a short form used for E-Commerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance. This independent authority can approve the online casino once they prove that its operation is responsibly and fairly done.

  • Encryption:

This is one way that is used by the online casinos to make sure the financial transactions are protected and all private details are well encoded from hackers.

  • Even Money Bet:

The bet that comes with the odds of the payout is in the ratio of 1:1. This means the amount won will be equivalent to the stake that was put initially.

  • Expected Win Rate:

The total amount wagered percentage which is likely to be won again.

  • Eye In The Sky:

This is a term that describes the security cameras that are attached to the ceiling in based casinos


  • Face Card:

Any queen, jack or king in the card decks

  • Face Down Card:

The dealt card which does not get exposed is also called the down card.

  • Face Up Card:

The dealt card which gets exposed is also called an up card

  • Flash Casino:

This type of online casino is a place where a player can play games from the web browser directly. It is also called an instant casino.

  • Flat Betting:

This is one style of betting in which the stake amount is the same every time.


  • Gambler’s Fallacy:

This is one belief that is mistakenly done when the outcome of the random event is yet to be known. It is often included due to other outcomes.

  • George:

This is one slang term that dealer uses for referring to the player who tips off good.

  • Gross Winnings:

The total value that is returned from winning the bet or the winning bet series which includes the initial stake


  • High Roller:

The player who places the high stakes of wagering

  • Hot Streak:

This is good luck additional run

  • Hot Table:

A gaming table in which all the players would win

  • House:

This is an alternative word used for a casino.

  • House Edge:

This is a built-in benefit that the casino has in all kinds of games. It can be gained by actually paying out the odds which would be quite below the true winning odds and is called a house edge.

  • House Rules:

The rule of games which are more specific in a certain casino


  • Jackpot:

It is a huge prize-related with slot games


  • Live Dealer Games:

The online casino games where players will be able to play against the real dealer with the real gaming table using the real-time video feeds.

  • Lobby:

This is an online casino area where you can select the game that you want to play.

  • Loyalty Program:

This is one online casino way to reward the players as per their playing activity.


Random Number Generator (RNG):

This is software which is used by the online casino for generating the random outcome in the casino games. Suppose, it would help you know which number got spun in the next round of roulette or the card that will be dealt in the next round of blackjack


  • Marker:

This is the value of the money that a player can take on load for wagering in the casino.

  • Maximum Bet:

The high value of the player that can be put at stake for a single bet

  • Minimum Bet:

The low value of the player that can be put at stake for a single bet

  • Multi-Hand Game:

Any game in which a player can play more than a single hand at one time

  • Multi-Player Game:

Any game in which players can participate more than one time.


  • Net Winnings:

The profits that the player makes from winning the bet or the winning bet series.


  • Optimal Way:

In some games, there is a right way to play the game which gives players a scope to score well


  • Paint:

This is a term used for any queen, king or jack in the card decks.

  • Payout:

The value that is returned to the player post bet is won

  • Payout Odds:

It helps in understanding the price a player can win from the bet other than the initial stake

  • Payout Percentage:

The total value is given to the player for a long time in form of a percentage of money staked.

  • Payout Table:

This shows the amount which a player can win for different winning blends on the slot game or win the hands at poker.

  • Pit Boss:

The employee of the casino needs to see if the certain Pit is right to come up with the right policies that are followed by the player.

  • Play Bonus:

Certain online bonus time which is for the wagering online and cannot be later withdrawn

  • Play For Fun:

Many online casinos offer the fun version of the games where players don’t have to risk their real amount.

  • Progressive Jackpot:

One jackpot type that increases as the time till it is won

  • Push:

An alternative word used for a tie


  • Racino:

This is a casino found at the horse racing track

  • Rewards Scheme:

This is an online casino way to reward the player depending on their activity.

  • Reload Bonus:

This is a bonus that is offered to the existing customer in the online casino.


  • Shoe:

The box through which the cards are dealt in the casino.

  • Sign-Up Bonus:

This is a bonus that most online casinos offer to their new customers when they become part of their site. It is also called a welcome bonus.

  • Stake:

This is the amount that will be wagered on the casino game as the outcome.

  • Side Bet:

This bet type can be placed in certain casino games on which the outcome will not be associated with the game result directly.

  • Sticky Bonus:

This type of bonus is offered by the online casino and cannot be withdrawn. It often sticks to the account of the player till gets lost.


  • Table Hold:

The overall profit that is made by the player at the gaming table for sometime

  • Token:

This is a word used for the tip that a dealer gets

  • True Odds:

The actual bet winning odds are done based on the assumptions and chances. These are often higher as compared to the payout add.


  • Up Card:

The card which does not get exposed


  • VIP:

This is a player with a high price that gets riyal treatment from the casino.

  • VIP Program:

Online casino method to reward players as per their playing activity


  • Wager:

If there is any kind of bet which is being made at the land-based or online casino.

  • Wagering Needs:

The money which can be wagered at the online casino to earn the bonus or release the one that needs to be withdrawn

  • Whale:

The high-price player that regularly loses or even plays for large stakes

  • Withdrawal:

It means to request the funds from an online casino account to be paid back to you through the payment option you choose.

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