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There are different casino bonuses that you can find on the online casino website. Almost every casino provides weekly promotions and welcome bonuses. But did you know there are also other types of rewards that not all sites offer? Talking of which no deposit bonus, deposit bonus, and even free spins and referral bonus to name some are quite popular too. You should choose the right platform like Buba so you can enjoy playing your game without any interruption. 

Welcome Bonuses:

This is a very common type of bonus and is highly offered by online casino sites as part of marketing. There is no such specific welcome bonus that every player would get. One may get the cashback while some would get a 100% deposit bonus. It ll is subject to the gambling needs and the site where the player chooses to play. Most online sites are usually clear about the welcome bonus that they offer. It means, there is no surprise that a player would get after receiving the welcome bonus. Rather, the player would know what kind of welcome bonus they would get upon signing up on the site. The most player uses this bonus for slots, casino and sports section.

If a player gets free spins as a welcome bonus then using it on the slots is the right thing to do. If it’s another bonus then the player might want to speak with the customer support team to understand the casino type and accordingly redeem the bonus money.

Deposit Bonuses:

This is another popular bonus type that often is used by players upon joining an online casino. Under such bonuses, there are multiple deals on the deposit that a player can get. It can be maybe 3 or 4 times more than the amount which they deposit.

If a player gets the 100% deposit bonus then it is wise to use it on the table games like blackjack.

If a player gets the 200% deposit bonus then it is wise to use it on the machine games like slot machines.

Free Spin Bonuses

This type of bonus is given to the existing players and not the newbies. With such a bonus, the player is entitled to get limited free spin options which can be used for winning real money and for this they don’t even have to spend a single penny. If you get lucky enough to have such a bonus then you can try to withdraw the winnings right on time while reaching the maximum limit of the bonus.


Now that you know there are different bonuses that you can get while joining the online casino, make sure you go through the bonus system of the online site well because that would make a big difference. Online gamblers should make themselves aware of every type of promotion which is why they must go through all the terms and conditions thoroughly. At Buba, the experts can help you on every platform on how the bonuses should be used so you can rest assured of using the bonuses without any problem.